Mentally Healthy Together

Create a workplace where mental health is ‘just part of heath’ and where employees feel free to openly seek help and give help to others.

The essentials of Mental health on-demand to your teams, no matter where they are.

Introduce your organisation to a shared language and framework to talk about mental health that enables easier and more open discussion within the workplace. Breakdown the stigma that surrounds mental health and support help-seeking behaviour. 

Expert: Rajna Bogdanovic

Participants: 6-12

Length: ~2 hours

Meet Rajna Bogdanovic, Clinical Psychologist

Rajna is a practising clinical psychologist in Australia and New Zealand with a wealth of experience in both a clinical and workplace setting. More than just helping people through difficult parts of their lives, she is passionate about sharing what she knows to help people thrive and build positive mental health in themselves and in the world around them.

The outcomes

Employees everywhere are struggling with how to identify and voice their mental health challenges to their managers in order to receive the support they need. However, until they can properly identify and comfortably share their challenges, their ability to ask for support is limited.

The importance of mental health
Gain an understanding of what mental health is and why it is worth talking about.
Each of us has a role to play
Understand both the importance and the role each of us has in removing the stigma related to mental health, distress and illness.
Confidence to check-in
Have increased confidence to have an ‘are you okay?’ conversation with friends, family and colleagues who identify as possibly needing support.
Help-seeking behaviour
Increase the likelihood of your people seeking help when personally experiencing reduced mental health, distress or illness.

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