Leading Through

Stress and Uncertainty

Explore the important role leaders play in creating an environment that protects from unnecessary stress and provides stability through periods of uncertainty and rapid change.

Hosted by clinical psychologist
author Dr Sarb Johal

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Group-based learning with up to 12 participants per session
2-hour session on-demand for easy roll-out

Learning outcomes

Uncover the importance of job design in managing stress.
Discover how to lead and communicate during rapid change and uncertainty.
Learn how to notice early signs of stress in team members.
Explore practical ideas to build a foundation of wellbeing in your team.

Meet Dr Sarb Johal, your host.

Sarb is a clinical psychologist, author, consultant, speaker, and media commentator with over 30-years of experience. He has an insatiable curiosity about the human experience and has a passion for transforming complex concepts into useful insights that help individuals and organisations navigate this ever-changing world.

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