Participant FAQs

What’s Akoako?

Akoako is a Software and Content Company based in New Zealand. The Akoako platform provides a solution to the challenge of effectively delivering group learning experiences across large organisations by combining the scalable nature of digital and the impact of social learning in a group setting. The learning experiences that Akoako developed are delivered by the industries best experts, on-demand. In other words, groups can take part wherever and whenever works for them.

What is the role of a participant

Participants join in and interact with an experience, alongside other members of their group. There is no pre or post work required.

Does a participant need to bring anything to the session?

Yes. Participants will also need a device, ideally a smartphone or tablet, to participate in the experience.

Can a participant join remotely?

Yes. Participants can join remotely, however, participants should check with their host if that is preferred by the group.

Who has access to participant data?

All of the data participants post during the experience is anonymous. Many of the activities are also aggregated. For more information on this topic, please check out Akoako’s Acceptable Use Policy.