Growing Through

Stress & Uncertainty 

Give your team the knowledge and practical tools to manage stress and navigate periods of change and uncertainty. 

The best advice for your teams, no matter where they are.

Discover how using healthy coping mechanisms and applying simple changes to the way we think can not only help us to manage stress and uncertainty but even help us grow through the experience.

Expert: Sarb Johal

Participants: 6-12

Length: ~2 hours

Meet Sarb Johal, Clinical Psychologist

Sarb is a clinical psychologist, consultant, speaker, and media commentator with over 30-years of experience. He has an insatiable curiosity about the human experience and has a passion for transforming complex concepts into useful insights that help individuals and organisations navigate this ever-changing world.

The outcomes

In this experience, we explore what stress is and how it can affect people especially in times of uncertainty.  We uncover techniques for managing stress, both at the moment and when it accumulates.

Get to know stress
Gain an understanding of what stress is and how sources of stress can be both internal and external.
Take control of stress
Discover practical techniques for managing stressful moments along with strategies for managing the accumulation of stress.
Coping with uncertainty
Learn how to notice, label and allow the feeling and explore the value of building islands of certainty.
A platform for resilience
By focusing on our wellbeing we can build a platform of resilience that buffers during time of stress and uncertainty.

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