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Why Akoako?

In te ao Māori, the concept of ‘ako’ is a posture of learning that recognises that everyone is both a teacher and a learner. When joined together, the word brings this reciprocal nature of learning to a group context – and describes the coming together of people to learn with and from each other.

As an organisation we aim to embody these traits and enable meaningful learning experiences for groups—acknowledging the value every person brings as both a learner and a teacher.

Our Approach?

The Akoako platform provides a solution to the challenge of effectively delivering group learning experiences across large organisations by combining the scalable nature of digital and the impact of social learning in a group setting.

Our learning experiences are delivered by the industries best experts, on-demand. In other words, groups can take part wherever and whenever works for them.

We're an enthusiastic bunch of innovators, creatives, and technologists.

CEO, Co-founder

Dan Hibberd

Dan is a former Head of Innovation whose at home when his passion for people colides with his strengths of creativity and problem solving.
CFO, Co-founder

Mike Courian

Our creative director and expert with all things money. Mike is a financial expert who has since shifted his career to be a world-class director of photography and cinematographer.
CTO, Co-founder

Cody Iddings

Our expert with all things technology. Cody has launched countless tech projects for startups and small businesses as a world-class experience designer, product manager, and "innovator".

Join us on a mission to democratize learning experiences that support the growth of happy healthy people and teams.

Keen to learn more?

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